The American Chemical Society Pacific Northwest Women in Science Retreat (held July 8–10 in Camp Magruder, Rockaway Beach, Oregon) brought together women at all stages of their scientific careers, both from academia and industry. This opportunity to share advice, teach skills and learn is just one of the many ways that women can change each others' lives.

Judith and Janet took part in the Alternative Careers Panel, which included speakers Judith Giordan, Bettye Maddux, Annette Kolodzie, Sarah Brady, Jessica Marshall, and Janet Bryant.

Judith also hosted the workshop "Go ahead—Be proud! The Art of Bragging and Being Heard."

How much is too much? How much is enough? Ever wonder what to say to convince people why you should be selected to do something or lead something, or be accepted or promoted? Ever wonder when what you say is bragging and when it is simply being proud and sharing facts? Join us to learn some tricks and PRACTICE in this bragging workshop led by Judy Giordan, PhD and Janet Bryant, MBA. Check out this article for more information, and learn more about the sponsor of this workshop, ecosVC.