Lens of the Market is a three stage training and education process that builds value for the innovation and the innovator providing scientists and engineers with the full range of vocabulary and skills required for successful translation of their research into commercial ventures.
We bridge the gap between the world of the market and the world of research.


ecosVC® puts YOU, the researchers, into the driver's seat. 

Lens of the Market℠

Successfully addressing global challenges requires scientists and engineers who know about both the science and the market.

You know how to conduct scientific research, let us provide you with the skills to conduct market research so you can address global challenges.

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Stage 1: Research2Innovation

A 1-day workshop developed to provide teams of STEM researchers - university students, post docs & faculty, National Lab scientists and engineers or corporate R&D scientists and engineers - with a rapid introduction to the vocabulary, skills, tools, and road map needed to engage in successfully translating their research into innovations.

Stage 2: Innovation2Market

Give your research team the skills and confidence to validate the market for their innovations, define market aligned value propositions and differentiators, and build effective R&D plans to meet market needs using ecosVC’s validated and proven process.

Stage 3: Market2Scale-Up

Convert market validated innovations, value propositions and differentiators into a venture or licensing opportunity using ecosVC’s next level of tools, videos, and templates all in a proven and facilitated step-by-step process to develop your business model and the elements of a winning business plan to achieve market required success.

→ 1 Day
→ 3-6 Months
→ 3-6 Months
Vocabulary building → Ongoing development
Identification of innovations & platform technologies → Ongoing development
Market/Gap analysis → Ongoing development
Research Plan → Ongoing development
Executive summary
Business model/go-to-market plan
Sales and marketing plan
Operations plan
Team (and team development)
Financing plan


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It is extremely relevant and important information for future scientific entrepreneurs. This is information we don’t get to see in science classes.
— University of Texas at El Paso
I believe the training I received is invaluable as a scientist. I would recommend all scientists to go through this process to learn about innovation.
— Oregon State University
At the start the question isn’t so much ‘what can my technology’ do but ‘what does it have to be able to do for people to care’.
— Oregon State University
I walked in with minimal knowledge about the business world but walked out feeling more confident about translating my research into innovation.
— University of Massachusetts Amherst
I found the discussion absolutely transformational in the way I think about our venture, and what we need to do to move forward.
— University of Arizona
Got me thinking about patents, start-ups, and the future.
— University of California-Irvine
I thought this was very well produced presentation that did a fantastic job of explaining the business/market and the language used
— Duke University
To learn that there are some helpful steps that we can follow in order to translate any research fundamental idea into innovation ideas.
— University of Wisconsin Madison
Thinking about research from a different perspective. I learned a lot about how to approach research problems so that innovation actually happens.
— University of Minnesota