A rapid introduction to help researchers think like innovators.
Give us 1 day and based on YOUR research we'll help you figure out YOUR potential innovations, applications and markets!

Lens of the Market® Stage 1: Research2Innovation is a 1 day workshop developed to provide teams of STEM professionals (university students, post docs & faculty, National Lab scientists and engineers or corporate R&D scientists and engineers) with a rapid introduction to the vocabulary, skills, tools, and road map needed for scientists and engineers to engage in successfully translating their research into innovations. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in technology commercialization is required! And all you need is the research you are working on – we use that as the basis!


ecosVC® puts YOU, the researchers, into the driver's seat. 


Science and engineering has its own language – and so does business. Once you know the language, you can use it to describe why your research is important in ways that resonate with investors, customers and partners.

Find out how your research can bring value and solve market challenges!

Hand-selected library items for those interested in the Lens of the Market® Stage 1.

The Details

    1. Teams of 3-5 STEM professionals working on research together who are interested in translating their research into innovations (no business plan or skills needed)
    1. Up to 5 teams of 5 participants per team
    1. 1 day
    1. A team of experienced professionals with a track record of successful technology commercialization
    1. The structure of business markets and how they relate to your research. It addresses what aspects of your research can become innovations to address market needs. During the workshop you and your team define preliminary applications and markets that could use your innovations to address market needs. You determine if your potential invention really is an innovation and whether it is a platform technology. You explore the concept of life-cycle analysis and building sustainable value. And most importantly, Stage 1: Research2Innovation provides additional skills for career success to undergrads, graduate students and post docs – regardless of the career path you take.
    1. After participating in the workshop, you and your team will have a defined preliminary set of innovations and markets into which your research can be applied. You will have example value chains for example defined markets, as well as an outline of resources required for successful research to innovation translation upon which a go-forward plan can be based. And you will have a vocabulary and integrated overview of how your research weaves with market intelligence to become potential innovations – and which can act as a basis for individual career choices.



This workshop was developed with a grant from the National Science Foundation, Chemistry Division to the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, grant # 0926490. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.