A successful physics career is not only about doing great science – it is also about convincing others why our work is important, and why we are the ones capable of doing it. Yet sharing our abilities is thought of as bragging by some, and it doesn’t come easily or naturally to everyone. Some even think it’s better to be modest about our accomplishments, and to “let the work speak for itself”, or to let others brag about us. We say, “NO! We should be able to confidently and unselfconsciously say what we are good at and provide evidence for it.”

Judith and Janet recently attended the American Physics Society's Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at Oregon State University.

For the last decade, CUWiP has worked to help undergraduate women thrive in physics by providing them a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from other women in physics at all stages of their physics careers. 

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