Humboldt Alumni Award for Innovative Networking Initiatives

Every year, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants up to three to five Humboldt Alumni Awards to promote innovative networking initiatives of alumni of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellowship and award programs. The award is valued at up to 25,000 EUR. It is designed to support initiatives, not covered by the Foundation's existing sponsorship and alumni programs, and to promote academic and cultural relations between Germany and the Humboldt Alumni's own countries and strengthen their collaboration in the respective regions.

Judy’s award winning proposal is titled “Women in Innovation: Leveraging the Power of the Von Humboldt global network to aid women in realizing their potential as INNOVATORS and the value of their INNOVATIONS to address global challenges.”

Judy’s Von-Humboldt Women in Innovation (WiN) alumni network will leverage the breadth and wealth of experience of WiN women in the Von Humboldt global network as a key way to accelerate the ability of ALL women to become innovators. The WiN network will span three areas:

  • Women in Innovation: Science and Technology development and commercialization
  • Women in Innovation: Science and Technology Business and Industry Leadership
  • Women in Innovation: Science and Technology Policy