Convert market validated innovations, value propositions and differentiators into a venture or licensing opportunity.
In Market2Scale-Up your team will use your market gap analysis, value proposition and differentiators as the basis to develop, test and present your business model, the foundation for a business plan. With this as a start, build all the elements of a winning business plan to achieve market required success using our ecosVC® next level of tools, videos, and templates all within a proven and facilitated step-by-step process.

Lens of the Market® Stage 3: Market2Scale-Up was developed with the knowledge that researchers must have the skills and ability to translate market based value propositions into a business model that delivers value and a business plan that delivers scale capability through a defined company value stream. . 

Market2Scale-Up is based on the premise that the business model is the heart of any business plan and company delivery value stream – and a that a validated value proposition and market gap analysis are the basis of a winning business model, Market2Scale-Up provides science and engineering researchers or leaders of STEM companies with tested and effective tools to develop a business model based on three key components – the revenue model, sales channel model and pricing model. The business model gives rise to a value stream analysis and a business plan to deliver against validated value proposition and innovation differentiators.


Commercial success doesn’t "just happen" – you make it happen. 


Build a plan that gives investors and partners the proof you know your market, you know the innovation required to meet market needs and how to profitably deliver it.

Define the business structure and team that delivers on the promise of your innovation.

Hand-selected library items for those interested in the Lens of the Market® Stage 3.

The Details

    1. Teams of 3-5 STEM professionals working on research together who have developed a market validated value proposition and innovation differentiators and are interested in taking the next step in business model and business plan development.
    1. Up to 3 teams of 5 participants per team
    1. 3-6 months, depending on the organization
    1. A team of experienced professionals with a track record of successful technology commercialization in start-ups and the Fortune 100.
    1. The workshop starts with a pre-workshop analysis of the research by the facilitators and is comprised of three interwoven components over a 3-6 month period. This duration can be specified by the requesting organization.
      • A business model based on market validated revenue model, sales channel plan and pricing model;
      • Elements of a business plan as defined above;
      • Refined market gap analysis and aligned value proposition and differentiators;
      • Refined R&D plans coupled to value proposition and differentiators;
      • A set of business mentors who can go forward into other roles, as defined by the team; and,
      • Skills for participants in developing a business model and business plans.


monthly work cycle - updated 10-16-14.jpg
  • Pre-work: Analysis by the Facilitators
    Facilitators immerse themselves in the  aims and research situation of each of the participating teams, and adapt the materials to the development stage and knowledge of the host organization and participating teams.

  • Component 1: Understanding Business Models with a Validated Value Proposition and Differentiators
    The program kicks-off with a 1-2 day intensive, in-person workshop with continuous interactive learning that reinforces team roles and cohesion, synthesis and presentations by the teams.

  • Component 2: Business Model and Business Plan Development
    The next 3+ months is structured in a series of work which includes tailored videos aligned with the work to be done and accessible under password protection only to Stage 3: Market2Scale-Up participants, uploaded work by the teams into provided templates, live report back with real time feedback and opportunities for presentation and questions.

  • Component 3: Business Model, Business Plan and Go-Forward Plans
    Component 3 is the final report back and includes on site preparation and presentation finalization with the facilitators and presentations by all teams to an audience selected by the host organization.