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Maximizing Utility and Adoption of Biobased Chemicals

Judy Giordan joined the "Bio-based vs. Petroleum: Competing on Price, Performance and Quality" panel at the 4th Annual World Bio Markets USA conference in San Francisco, CA, on October 30. Her presentation "Everything but the Squeal: Maximizing Utility and Adoption of Biobased Chemicals" discusses how we need to move beyond simply talking about invention and start thinking about value chains, supply and demand, and scaling the science. There's a language to innovation and we need to learn it to be successful and really solve the global challenges facing us.

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A new 21st-century Contact Sport: Solving Global Challenges using both the Lens of Research & the Lens of the Market

Judy was an invited speaker in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Chemical Engineering department's seminar series on October 8, 2013. Her presentation was entitled "A new 21st-century Contact Sport: Solving Global Challenges using both the Lens of Research and the Lens of the Market," and she discussed the necessity for scientists to learn about the innovation process.  This involves embracing a personal change process to learn more and transform from a researcher to an innovator (and this includes more than entrepreneurs!). 

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Innovators and Entrepreneurs need to Understand Customers' Needs

The NCIIA in conjunction with ecosVC released video series discussing how understanding customers' needs is essential for innovators and entrepreneurs.  Seven experts share their thoughts on how to understand customers' needs and how to go about meeting them.

Judy Giordan, Partner ecosVC and Senior Advisor to the NCIIA, explains that viewing research through the lens of the market in addition to the lens of pure research can truly spur innovation and be a benefit to the innovators, the economy and the world.

This video series was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, grant CHE #0920877.