"Chemistry without Borders: Careers, Research, and Entrepreneurship," ACS Symposium Series #1219, has now been published by Oxford University Press. You can read Judy's chapter, "It’s a Competitive World out There: Factors for STEM Venture Success" (Chapter 19, 163–167) in hardcopy or online!


From necessity for supporting a family and community – as in Africa and Latin America - to developing new industries for large-scale economic growth and jobs - as in the US - the key drivers for venture development take on many faces. According to the GEDI Index, the US is the top country for entrepreneurs, especially women, yet other data show the large gaps between female and male entrepreneurial funding rates – across all categories – also in the US!

For the American Chemical Society, of importance to our members and to us as a Society, are the factors that foster STEM innovators and innovation that underpin job creation and economic development, especially where chemistry plays the pivotal role. In this article, the author explores different factors for STEM venture success including the implications for STEM researchers who wish to become innovators or entrepreneurs, regardless of gender; the role of universities; and the role that existing corporations do and could play in fostering and commercializing market-inspired research especially in the all-important exit for new STEM ventures.

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