CSMC Webinar, February 2, 2012. Judy Giordan moderates. The basis for most ventures based on discoveries in science and engineering is their inventions—their intellectual property. And the importance of protecting intellectual property—these all important intangible assets—in an appropriate way becomes a key factor in the ability of any researcher to realize the translation of their research to a marketable product or service!

But how can research be protected? What are the options for protecting your intellectual property? What is the role of the Tech Transfer office in protecting and commercializing university IP? What are the roles of students, post docs and professors in this protection process? What are the similarities and differences in protecting intellectual property for new materials and their uses from other types of inventions?

Listen to Judy and distinguished panelists Dr. Mary Foley-Phillips, Associate Director - Intellectual Property and Licensing, Oregon State University, and Mr. Stacey Slater, Partner, Klarquist Sparkman, LLP, take live audience questions on translating university research into market oriented innovations!